Size: 11"H x 6"W x 6"D
List Price: $72.00
Item Numbers: 145-2 (white/white)
145-3 (white/grey)

The GrandPerformer® is a robust refillable dispenser with a large reservoir and durable pump, it is ideal for high-use areas, such as health clubs, sports complexes and industrial facilities.

  • Lockable ABS front cover makes it exceptionally tamper-proof
  • 2 Liter (67oz.) capacity
  • Heavy-duty pump with Viton O-Rings to prevent leaking
  • Dispenses a range of product: high viscosity soaps to flowable creams, barrier creams and beaded products
  • Large sight window for easy visual content checks

If you need a dispenser that can perform even under extremely heavy-use conditions, look no further than the GrandPerformer®