Size: 9.5"H x 4.5"W x 4"D
List Price: $31.40
Item Numbers: 100-1 (white/blue)
100-2 (white/white)
100-3 (white/grey)
100-5 (white/black)
100-7 (white/red)
Elbow/Arm Lever $6.00

The GrandSolution® 30oz (900ml) refillable soap dispenser is a reliable, high quality dispenser that is recognized by chemical companies, supply distributors and users around the world. The renowned Brightwell patented pump technology is unsurpassed in life expectancy and performance making this dispenser the ideal choice for heavy daily use areas. Its key lock and self locking front cover will ensure that soap products are secure without the concern of contamination. This feature, accompanied by its robust strength and durability make it the soap dispenser of choice for schools, park restrooms, health and fitness clubs, and areas where there is concern over vandalism or contamination of product. An optional arm/elbow lever is available for use in areas where cross contamination may be of concern, namely food handling areas, medical facilities, etc.

The GrandSolution® will be a stylish fixture in your washroom for years to come.

  • Lockable ABS front cover makes it exceptionally tamper-proof
  • 900ml (30oz.) capacity
  • Renowned, highest quality Viton O-Rings to prevent leaking
  • Capable of dispensing a range of product from soaps and creams to gels
  • Sight windows for easy visual content checks

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